Organisations are increasingly under pressure from environmental regulation, decreasing margins and shortages of certain resources. Combined with the growing sustainability awareness of customers these are important drivers for companies to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations.
As a result the importance of environmental management has significantly increased and has become an integrative part of PCH Services management because it ensures regulatory compliance and efficient management of energy, water and other resources.

Replacing your current range of cleaning products with non toxic, organic alternatives reduces the risk of hazardous cleaning materials being stored on site, ensuring greater Work Place Health and Safety (WPHS) compliance. Each of the ‘Green Cleaning Products’ that we recommend come with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for reference purposes.

The use of concentrated ‘green’ cleaning products will also result in a reduction in packaging materials and more efficient use of products as they are generally mixed as required thereby reducing waste.

Any chemical being mismanaged, ‘green’ or not, can still be harmful to the environment and the operator. Correct use of products is critical and reduces the impact on our environment.

‘Green Cleaning’ is a process, not just a cleaning solution and it needs to be scientifically tested and endorsed to ensure its effectiveness.

PCH Services is committed to best practices to minimise waste, maximise recycling and conserve natural resources when managing the work space, with a view to reducing the environmental footprint.

Green cleaning should be looked at as the ‘rational thing to do’ not just the right thing to do.

A clean healthy environment for staff and customers should always be the approach taken by companies which will determine the products and processes adopted for effective cleaning and reduce employee absenteeism.

The development of cleaning materials, particularly microfiber cleaning aids, provides some significant benefits including:

  • Less chemicals used
  • Reduction in water use (Efficient use of water)
  • Can be reused over and over (Sustainability)
  • Potential reduction in labour costs due to more effective cleaning (Cost saving)
  • OH&S risk management
  • Power reduction and energy saving

Your Benefits

  • Ensure and demonstrate compliance with environmental regulation and customer demands
  • Increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and discover cost reduction potentials
  • Increase employee awareness of environmental issues and engage cleaners in our environmental program.